The culmination of Philippe Salame’s lifelong pursuit for an all-inclusive universal jewelry line, By Philippe strives to appeal to all ages, styles and incomes. By Philippe jewelry varies from clean, crisp, and delicate to flashy, edgy and bold pieces. Each design is skillfully crafted from 14 kt gold filled and sterling silver metals in Brooklyn, NY. By producing and designing locally we have full control over design, quality, production, and lead time that large scale manufacturers can't offer.

The pursuit of the perfect jewelry line has lead entrepreneur Philippe Salame on an incredible life journey. Born in Lebanon and raised in Paris, Philippe has had passion and a sharp eye for design and visual formation since his youth. In 1986, his path lead him to New York City where he started and nurtured Versani Jewelry. He sold Versani in 1998 to create the internationally known By Boe jewelry. Sold all over the world and featured in endless fashion magazines, By Boe truly put Philippe on the map. Still longing to pursue his ultimate dream of creating a universal, comprehensive jewelry line that would appeal to all ages, styles and incomes, Philippe left By Boe in 2011 to create By Philippe.  

Philippe’s characteristic hands-on approach with clients allows him to collect invaluable feedback, thus leading to the creation of a new line that is not only modern and striking but exceedingly wearable. He revels in the pursuit to find and deliver precisely what customers are searching for with a keen eye for unique design and standards of quality. His passion, ambition, and experience have lead to the inception of this all-inclusive new line that is truly: By Philippe.

“Great jewelry, not unlike great art, inspires, excites, arouses and satisfies.”